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I have files that are marked for delete in my workspace (but not yet submitted). Now I want them to be listed at command line. I have tried the following command without success.

p4 diff -sd "C:\myworkspace\..."

I could not find any option in the diff command to list files that are marked for delete. Is it another command, or a hidden option?

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The command you are looking for is p4 opened

C:\Proj\test>p4 opened
//depot/Test/_header.txt#5 - delete default change (text)
//depot/Test/personnel_updates.sql#1 - add default change (text)

You would probably want to filter the output to only include the files as marked for delete (you can see I have an add and delete on the default changelist).

C:\Proj\test>p4 opened | findstr " - delete "
//depot/Test/_header.txt#5 - delete default change (text)

Note: You can also use the -c parameter to specify a certain changelist if you have placed your changes on a numbered changelist.

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Or you could use fstat:

p4 fstat -Ro -F "action=delete" -T depotFile,clientFile //...
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I ran into this situation of mass marking for deletion. Since the files I actually had changed were not marked for deletion, the command you provided was invaluable. –  Sean Duggan Dec 9 '14 at 22:04

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