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I'm trying to use the chrome web developer tool javascript console function performance.timing.domComplete within an automated test using something like this:


I'm using C# , Webdriver and Chrome

I think maybe one of these timing values could be used for a Wait function or monitoring performance within a test.

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I'm not real clear on what your question is, but if you are looking for a way to do Waits with WebDriver, take a look at the Webinator project (available on nuget), it has a lot of wait options like:

Web.Click(LocateBy.Id("submitForm"), WaitUntil.AjaxOrPostCompleted());
Web.Click(LocateBy.Name("addClient"), DelayUntil.Displayed(LocateBy.Id("someId")));

If you are wanting to roll your own, you will likely need to inject javascript that detects the onbeforeunload and ready events and notifies WebDriver accordingly.

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