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I have a map with about 50 markers, I am loading the markers from kml with jQuery. I want to create a menu to quickly search for markers based on city.

For instance:

Los Angeles
New York

I my code I can access an array with all the markers.

Is it possible to do batch reverse geocoding or something? Or do I have to put the cities in my kml file so I can read that with jQuery?

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You could loop through each marker and do a reverse geocoding request for each one, which would theoretically work. However, it will be slow, and you may run a risk of hitting the request per day limit on the Geocoding API.

I would recommend looping through and reverse geocoding on the backend somewhere, and storing the data (either in a database of some kind, or perhaps in your KML file like you mentioned).

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I understand, I will choose for storing my data in the kml file. Thank you! – Qurben Feb 18 '12 at 23:27

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