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After authenticating a user using CXF WSAuthentication Interceptor... I need the username in the service implementation (Business Logic). Wondering if there is a easy way to get access to the Username in the Implementation class?

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declare these in your implementation class:

private WebServiceContext wsContext;

then in any method do:

Principal p = wsContext.getUserPrinciple();
String username = p.getName();

@Resource instructs the web service stack to inject the web service context into your wsContext attribute.

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Thanks a lot. That helped! –  Ravi Mar 1 '12 at 1:09

Why not create a user object and place it somewhere in the memory (in a static Map or List etc) with the userName in the wsse:security while while doing the authentication itself? Once you reach the Service endpoint implementation class, you loose the MessageContext and hence its difficult to read the headers.

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