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In our company we are evaluate Drools as framework for our products. For that I am trying some experiments and obviously I am now overwhelmed by lot of problems. For example I don't know how make condition on duration of an event. I don't know if there is something similar to

 Event( some conditions, duration > 1h)

Thank very much in advanced

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Please describe the Event class, and what it is supposed to do. –  aitchnyu Feb 18 '12 at 15:31
It will be used to mark changes in an environment as for example "presence detected" or similar. Some of these event has to be retracted when event duration is more than a defined amount of time. In the following my event class in short //.. jAXB annotationspublic class Event implements Serializable, Equals, HashCode, ToString {... protected EventType type; //i.e. PRESSURE_ACTIVATED, PRESENCE... protected List<ESubject> subjects; //i.e. ERSON, ROOM ... protected Long duration; protected Long occurred; ...get and setter returning default values in case of null –  Alberto Rugnone Feb 19 '12 at 10:17

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Duration is member like any other on your event class. When you declare your event, you tell it which member is the duration like so:

declare VoiceCall
  @role( event )
  @timestamp( callDateTime )
  @duration( callDuration )

Duration is in milliseconds, so you would reason against it in a rule like so:

rule "Call Longer Than One Hour"
    VoiceCall( callDuration > 3600000 ) // 1000*60*60

The Drools Fusion manual describes this pretty clearly (in fact, my example event declaration is taken directly from it).

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