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Tried to config smtp in application.conf


And in the controller

MultiPartEmail email = new MultiPartEmail();
//... setting from,to,subject,content...
Mail.send(email); //using Play's util

But exception occurs, saying bad user credential when authenticating the smtp server.

One thing I notice is that, when push to heroku and start the app, it would warn:

   WARNING: Cannot replace SENDGRID_USERNAME in configuration (mail.smtp.user=${SENDGRID_USERNAME})
   WARNING: Cannot replace ENV_SENDGRID_PASSWORD in configuration (mail.smtp.pass=${SENDGRID_PASSWORD})

This may due to the precompile flag is on when deploy?? Here is my Procfile:

web:    play run --http.port=$PORT --%prod
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Is that error at git push time? If so, you can ignore it. Are you getting an exception from Mail.send()? –  James Ward Feb 17 '12 at 20:08
no error at git push, just warning. The exception is from Mail.send() saying bad user credential. I tried if I use System.getenv("SENDGRID_USERNAME") directly in code and use MultipartEmail's send, it can send. But in that case I cannot test locally with the built-in mail mock. –  jackysee Feb 18 '12 at 23:49

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I've created a simple Play + SendGrid + Heroku example that works for me:

I'm not sure what is different between this example and your code. The only weird thing I noticed above is where it says ENV_SENDGRID_PASSWORD. Perhaps that environment variable name is wrong.

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