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A while ago, I had to put

filetype plugin on

in my .vimrc for a plugin I use.

But this caused a change in autoindent, that drives me mad: Whenever I write a comment "//", and then press enter, vim autoindentation automatically enters another "//" in the next line. But hey, I am using one-line-comments, why would I use it again in the next line (ok, no discussion about that here ;))?

// This is a comment. <ENTER>
// <-- vim automatically puts '// ' there

What can I do to avoid this? I use the autoindent setting in my vim file. I already tried

filetype plugin indent off

but it does not work.

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Take a look at :h formatoptions and :h fo-table. The options you need to turn off are r and o. Turning them off prevents vim from automatically inserting the comment leader (in this case "//") when you press enter in insert mode or when you press o or O in normal mode.

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"set formatoptions=-or" did not work actually, even though the documentation says so. I am using "set formatoptions=tnq" now. Thanks!… was useful, as well. – knub Feb 18 '12 at 10:06

See :help 'formatoptions' - I know how annoying this is!

Try this:

:set fo-=or
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I actually like that feature. Every so often I have to hunt for this setting again to turn it on. :-) – Michael Kristofik Feb 17 '12 at 18:21

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