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i would play a bit with Ruby.

Now i have a little problem, which i cannot solve.

The code:

@href = "http://localhost:3000"

def link(title, href)

  if href.nil?
    href = @href
    href = href

  output = "<a href=\"#{href}\">"
  output << "#{title}"
  output << "</a>"

  puts output


alias link_to link


Whats the problem in my code? I want set a default value for the href,if it is nil.



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The problem is here

>> "".nil?
=> false

You should use .nil? or .empty? as the condition.

>> "".empty?
=> true
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if you do both conditions, both of these will work: link_to("Google", nil);link_to("Google", "") –  farnoy Feb 17 '12 at 18:47
Cool. Thats the fix –  derpiet Feb 17 '12 at 18:54

Here's a cleaner way to set the default:

def link(title, href = 'http://localhost:3000')
   # ...
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"" != nil

[10] pry(main)> link "xxx",nil
<a href="http://localhost:3000">xxx</a>
=> nil
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