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I need a cakephp route which will catch all urls if not matched in previous routes that do not contain file extensions.

Current route for catch all below

Router::connect('/*', array('controller' => 'frontend', 'action' => 'display',null));

I need the above route modified to not all urls with file extensions to be caught

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What I have donr in my app based on CakePHP 1.2 to add extension to dynamic generated images is as follows:

Router::connect('/postImage/*', array('controller' => 'posts','action' => 'postImage', 'url' => array('ext' => 'png')));

The above code makes both the folloing url are accesible: and

I think that the same will going with CakePHP 1.3 and I hope that It helps you.

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I don't understand very well your demand, but you can do this:

Router::connect('/*/:title', array('controller' => 'frontend', 'action' => 'display',null), 
        'pass' => array('title')

And the link:

$html->link('Title', array('controller' => 'frontend', 'action' => 'display', 'title' => Inflector::slug('text to slug', '-'), 'ext' => 'html'))

I hope this will help you. good luck

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