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This is my controller:

    public function Index()
       $this->InsertData-> validateField();


This is my model:

     class InsertData extends CI_Model
     function __construct() {

     function DispalyForm()
            $dataI = array(
                'name'        => 'topic',
                'id'          => 'url',
                'value'       => set_value('username'),
                'maxlength'   => '100',
                'size'        => '50',
                'style'       => 'yellow',

                'name' => 'submit',
                'value'=>'create topic'

            $data['submit'] = form_submit($dataS);
            $data['textbox']= form_input($dataI);

     function validateField()


The problem is whenever I submit the form and the field is empty nothing gets displayed.

I have at the top of my view this line:

       <?php echo validation_errors(); ?>

Where is my code wrong..why no error is displayed whenver I submit the form?!!?

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When setting validation rules using an array, the array must be multi dimensional.

An array of rules, whereby each rule is an array of criteria.

See this manual page RE this issue.

$rules = array(
         'field'   => 'topic', 
         'label'   => 'Topic', 
         'rules'   => 'required'

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Thank you..That helped –  BlackFire27 Feb 17 '12 at 19:00
No problem. Don't forget to accept an answer :) –  Ben Swinburne Feb 17 '12 at 21:49

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