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I have a form with 4 datefields (creation date start, create date ent, updated date start and updated date end).

In the form bottom, i have a gridpanel with a column "Create Date" and other column "Updated Date".

I need to make a filter with the range of creation dates for column "create date" and another tolher to range for updated dates.

How i can make this comparison? Any help?

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// Fill these variables from your form.
var createStart, createEnd, updateStart, updateEnd;

        filterFn: function(item) {
            return (item.get('createDate') >= createStart) &&
                   (item.get('createDate') < createEnd);
        filterFn: function(item) {
            return (item.get('updateDate') >= updateStart) &&
                   (item.get('updateDate') < updateEnd);
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thanks, i will try it later – Vítor Nóbrega Feb 17 '12 at 21:40

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