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How to insert $ symbol in the sql database in android?

When i'm trying to insert the $ and ' symbols. it gives the errors as follows,

02-18 00:39:39.821: E/AndroidRuntime(946): android.database.sqlite.SQLiteException: unrecognized token: "$": INSERT INTO NoteLists (time, data, color) VALUES ('12:39:39 AM Feb 18, 2012', '&/:;()!@".,?'$<>','#D2FF00');

please help me.

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Try to escape them. \$and ''.

Otherwise put those signs into a string and use parameter binding which is recommended for security reasons anyways.

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You should never put raw values directly into the query. That allows for SQL Injection which is a serious security vulnerability.

What you should do instead is create a SQLiteStatement object with SQLiteDatabase.compileStatement() and then use the bind functions. For example:

s = db.compileStatement("INSERT INTO NoteLists (time, data, color) VALUES (?, ?, ?);");
s.bindString(1, "12:39:39 AM Feb 18, 2012");
s.bindString(2, "()!@\".,?'$<>");
s.bindString(3, "#D2FF00");

You can also try InsertHelper. It may make things simpler.

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The $ is preceded by an unescaped ', which means that SQLite only parses &/:;()!@".,? as a string, and the remaining characters ($<>) cause a syntax overflow.

Try replacing ' with '' instead.

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The single quote between the ? and the $ needs to be escaped with two single quotes.

    (time, data, color)       
    VALUES                                    \/    
    ('12:39:39 AM Feb 18, 2012', '&/:;()!@".,?''$<>','#D2FF00');
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