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I am trying to figure how with I can take a QPixmap and make it appear 'grayed out'... basically, remove all color and lower the alpha.

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QGraphicsColorizeEffect is probably a more preferred way going forward.

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Can you use something like this to set the alpha?

QPixmap &setAlpha(QPixmap &px, int val){
  QPixmap alpha = px;
  QPainter p(&alpha);
  p.fillRect(alpha.rect(), QColor(val, val, val));
  return px;

You may need to convert to a QImage and use convertToFormat() to conveniently convert to greyscale.

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That worked great, thank you! –  DragonDrop Feb 17 '12 at 21:21
Just FYI: setAlphaChannel() has been deprecated and is only available in Qt3 support. developer.qt.nokia.com/doc/qt-4.8/qpixmap-qt3.html –  Stephen Chu Feb 18 '12 at 0:10
Excellent, good to know this. –  DragonDrop Feb 20 '12 at 23:40

A desaturation algorithm (removing all color) would involve iterating over every pixel and normalizing the RGB values.

The pseudocode looks like this:

foreach pixel in image.bits() {

   int grayColor = 0.299f * pixel.red +
                    0.587f * pixel.green +
                    0.114f * pixel.blue ;

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