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there's a way to run twisted without expose it behind a network port?

We have a wsgi servlet running behind apache/mod_wsgi.

This servlet need to send a message to a local Twisted instance. But, we are not finding a way to run this.

Our expected architecture layers:

apache_httpd > mod_wsgi > servlet > twisted

There's a way to run it?


And Past

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Twisted can accept input via standard input, via a UNIX socket (also known as a "socket file"), and via a locally bound TCP network port. None of these need necessarily expose your Twisted service to the outside world.

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We were trying to call twisted locally, in same memory&cpu space. But, we realized that python don't keeps an Application Context ready for distinct stateless HTTP requests. So, for each request, we need to start up a new twisted thread and other resources. We decided to keep an twisted instance using HTTP behind httpd reverse proxy. Regards – apast Feb 22 '12 at 13:25

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