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I am having my OJT and my current task is to do an FTP Client Server connecting to a telnet Server. This is my first time doing this kind of a program. Any idea how I can do this in c# windows app? how do i establish a connection to telnet with completeauthentications? Are their any open source libraries to help me do this? Any help with this will be very much appreciated. Thx.

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EDIT: There is another stack overflow question on this topic that answers it very well.

The most popular strategy seem to involve using the System.Net.Sockets class

These two sites both have code samples and describe opening a connection and reading data: C# Help - TELNET Client

C# and Telnet- Not as painful as it sounds

But, if you want to go the open source route, there is a project called .NET Telnet which provides an open source library to help with telnet interactions.

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Start by reading on the TcpClient class, and then search for example code. If you need to implement a Telnet client you should understand the good old RFC 854.

FTP is just a bunch of other RFCs, you can start with RFC 959.

Both Telnet and FTP clients are directly implementable with TcpClient.

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