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I'm using the python 2.7 ConfigParser to read from a config file, I'm wondering how to read a value such that it's set to the constant None in python.

Currently, my code is as follow:

config.set("Test Series Parameters", "Test Series Parameter", None)

But, this shows up as Test Series Parameter = "None" (as a string)



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I would think: You cannot. ;) –  Gandaro Feb 17 '12 at 21:54
Is there some sort of list of values that I can and can't use? –  Parth Gajaria Feb 17 '12 at 21:55
Well, ConfigParser actually creates ".ini" files, and they do not support anything else than strings. Thats why there are .getboolean, .getint, etc. –  Gandaro Feb 17 '12 at 21:56

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According to the 2.7.2 docs:

When allow_no_value is true (default: False), options without values are accepted; the value presented for these is None. Does that help?

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I believe that did the trick for me. Thanks! –  Parth Gajaria Feb 17 '12 at 22:09

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