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I observe a strange behavior with regards to Qt 4.7.4 running on OSX Lion.

I'd like my application to have a single menubar for all windows. so, my application holds and initializes a QMenuBar object:

this->macMenuBar = new QMenuBar(0);

When I run my application, I see my application's name on the menu bar, right to the apple logo, with some default options like Quit, Services-> etc...

I'd like to add two new options to this menu (under my application's name). So I try to do this in the QApplication's constructor.


This has no effect on the menu. It won't show my items, although both Actions are valid and working from the dock icon menu)

Then, I decide something that doesn't make sense at all, but works partially.

QMenu * menu = this->macMenuBar->addMenu(("blah blah"));

Now my two actions, "configuration", and "about" will show, and there's no trace of any menu item called "blah blah" under which those actions are supposed to appear!

Now I decide to add another line:


So what Do I get now? "preferences" and "about" in the menu underneath my application name's menu item, AND a new sub-menu called "blah blah" to its right, with one item only, my loginAction.

I am really confused here.

  1. Why am I not getting the "blah blah" top level menu item until I add a third action?

  2. How can I force my "loginAction" into the first top level menu, under my application's name?

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Issue resolved in the Qt forum: http://developer.qt.nokia.com/forums/viewthread/14610/

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