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does anyone know whether there is a maximum value for the <max-concurrent-requests>-setting for AppEngine Backend Instances? I.e., will a backend be able to accept and service requests until it entirely runs out of memory or CPU, if I set <max-concurrent-requests> to a giga-billion? Or are there other quotas or external limits imposed? (I'm thinking TCP port numbers, thread handles, ... ?)



BTW: AppEngine is the greatest thing since ... GWT :) Many thanks to the dedicated folks at Google!

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Quoting from documentation of GAE

"Specifies the maximum number of requests that each instance can handle simultaneously. If unset, App Engine determines the concurrent request limit dynamically."

So they have not specified the limit, but also have indicated that GAE will determine the limit dynamically, which might be based on number of instances you have and what kind of instances you have configured. The ability of those instances to handle your requests will probably determine the max.

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Hi Vishal, thanks for your reply. That was exactly the line of (incomplete) documentation that prompted my question. I guess a more "math-y" way to phrase it is: Assuming a theoretical "B-infinity"-class instance (without CPU or memory constraints), is there a finite value X, such that setting max-concurrent-requests to X+1 is identical to setting it to X? If so, what determines X? (A quota, an OS limitation (thread handles, ...), ...) Greetings, –  Markus A. Feb 18 '12 at 9:20
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From various different sources, it seems like the limit is 10. The GAE team seems to have chosen this limit as they ran into frequent OutOfMemoryExceptions on many apps if they allowed more. I wish the limit would depend on the actual resources that your app uses so that lean apps can run more efficiently, and maybe this limit of 10 will change in the future. This might be the reason why it's not documented officially anywhere.

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