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I am using Ichoicerenderer's overriden class for displaying the values from List in DropDown.

cfrList is list populated from Database. It is list of type "CfrInfo". CfrInfo has getCfrSubRule() and getCfrShortDesc() methods. Problem is, default value when my getCfrSubRule() method returns -1. Under normal circumstances, be default my dropdown shows "Choose One" as selected when page loads. But when my list has value as "-1" , it always shows "-1" as default values instaed of "Choose One"

Any help will appreciated .Thanks in Aadvance....

Please refer below code...

    dropDown = new DropDownChoice("subRuleCode",new PropertyModel(
                  inspectionid,"subRuleInfo"),cfrList,new IChoiceRenderer(){
        private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
        public Object getDisplayValue(Object object)
            CfrInfo info = (CfrInfo) object;
            StringBuffer value = new StringBuffer();
            return value.toString();
        public String getIdValue(Object object, int index)
            if (object instanceof CfrInfo) {
                CfrInfo info = (CfrInfo) object;
                return info.getCfrSubRule();
            return (String)object;
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What is in the subRuleInfo field before the component is rendered? – biziclop Feb 18 '12 at 14:28

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Not sure I totally understand your question.

Are you saying that CfrInfo.getCfrSubRule() sometimes returns -1? You will need to return something that is effectively a primary key for getIdValue(), so you should not be returning -1.

If on the other hand you are merely trying to change what is displayed in the drop-down when no item is selected, you simply need to provide a property key/value pair in your file like:

yourDropDown.null = Choose One
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