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I have a problem, i have created a membership program in java for learning purposes and i want to store the saved information in a file so i can close and open the program. My problem is i that the object stored in the Hashmap is strings and an Array.

I am open to suggestions, and thanks.

public class Member {

private static int memIndex = 1000;
private ArrayList <Member> groupAList = new ArrayList <Member>();
private String memberNumber;
private boolean active;
private boolean groupMember = false;
private String firstName;
private String secondName;
private String phoneNumber;
private String personalID;
private String adress;
private String postalCode;  
private String mail;
private String area;
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You say: "My problem is i that the object stored in the Hashmap is strings and an Array." Why is that a problem? There is no hashmap in the code. There is no way we can help you. –  madth3 Feb 17 '12 at 22:50

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I dont see any HashMaps in your code but you can use serialization to do similar thing (or what i think you are trying to do). For example, you can serialize your Member object and its state in a file then deserialize it.

Here is an easy tutorial for that, but i also suggest reading a bit about its quirks;


Good luck!

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You need to read up on Java Serialization

Any of your classes that you want to write out to a file have to implement the Serializable Interface. HashMap, String, etc already do.

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I would suggest having your class implement the interface serializable. After that just save the whole Member object using an ObjectOutputStream... You will write to a file using something like this below:

Member x = new Member();
FileOutputStream fs = new FileOutputStream(new File("put the path to filename"));
ObjectOutputStream oos = new ObjectOutputStream(fs);
oos.close(); fs.close();

//catching the appropriate exceptions ofcourse...

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