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So i'm creating a simple site which core function would be a visitor submitted random message generator. The main page would have the message generator (you'd just press "next" and the page would refresh itself showing a new random though submitted by some user). In the "submit" or "form" or whatever you call it page there would be a simple form with text fields for writing your name, location (country), e-mail (not shown in the main page) and your message. By submitting the thought the user sends his or her message into the database (well i imagine it being like that), from which the random thoughts for the main page are generated (with the name and location of the author).

So that's the basic idea. I found a lot of codes that generate random "quotes" from the ones that are already in the code. But I need it to be connected to the form in which USERS write their thoughts, so that the generator would always be up to date and spreading. I don't want to write my own pre-selected quotes. Could anyone help me get on the right path? How do I do this? Any help is appreciated.

Thank you very much for your answers

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First of all you would have to store messages from the user to a database. I'm guessing this would be in MySQL. So, let's say that they are stored in a table named userMessages.

You can retrieve a random message by doing:


You would then just store the message the user enters, retrieve a random one, show them, et cetera.

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You would store it in an SQL database (such as MySQL or PostgreSQL). Your table structure might look something like this:

- Users
    - ID
    - Name
    - Location
    - Email

- Quotes
    - UserID (the author)
    - Message

If when you want to display the quote, you're not interested in showing the author, you could just retrieve one by doing:


and doing any further processing with PHP.

If you wanted user information as well, it would look more like:

SELECT Quotes.Message, Users.Name, Users.Location
FROM Quotes 
ON Quotes.UserID = Users.ID 

This would get you a quote, the author, and the author's location, which would then be easy enough to insert into the page.

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You simply need an interface for users to submit messages, store that in a database, and randomly pick a row to display.

What do you need? PHP code? MySQL code? HTML code?

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