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The query below gives me the minimum and maximum times of a users transaction on each date in a date range.
The table user_transaction I have is a domain class. I want to write the query below using hibernate (hql or hibernate criteria builder for grails)

select (MIN(TO_CHAR(TRANSDATE,'HH24:MI:SS'))) AS TIME_IN,(MAX(TO_CHAR(TRANSDATE,'HH24:MI:SS'))) AS TIME_OUT, TO_CHAR(TRANSDATE,'DD-MM-YY') from user_transaction where grauser_id=149180 and transdate BETWEEN '01-NOV-11' AND '31-DEC-12' 

Also need to find the avg timein and timeout


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you will probably want to look for the Criteria api, and Projections. Projections are the group by equivalent in a criteria query.

The Projects.sqlProjection("") is also available to support your to_char situation.

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