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All new connections to my server are resulting in a TNS Resend delay of 15 seconds. That delays all new connections.

I can't find anything relevant in any session trace, listener, or alert logs. I don't see any initialization parameters that seem suspicious.

I've thought of a LOT of obvious possibilities (reverse DNS lookup delay, slow dedicated process spawn times[update: I haven't excluded this, and am suspicious], etc), but maybe not one you think is obvious.

Does anyone have any insight? Any other logs I could check? Any sort of monitoring I can set up?

Sorry for the vagueness of this post. The idea of itemizing everything I've looked at seems too daunting. Many thanks,

Server is Oracle Database 11g Release - 64bit Production

Clients are various 11.2.x.x.x clients, ex. SQL*Plus: Release Production on Mon Feb 20 12:24:57 2012.

OS is CentOS Linux release 6.0 (Final), kernel 2.6.32-71.29.1.el6.x86_64

I also see the following delay in the Listener trace (b/n lines 4 and 5 below):

2012-02-17 20:26:36.966453 : nsevwait:entry
2012-02-17 20:26:36.966463 : nsevwait:7 registered connection(s)
2012-02-17 20:26:36.966472 : nsevwait:0 pre-posted event(s)
2012-02-17 20:26:36.966492 : nsevwait:waiting for transport event (1 thru 8)...
2012-02-17 20:26:50.852892 : nsevwait:1 newly-posted event(s)
2012-02-17 20:26:50.852962 : nsevfnt:cxd: 0x967738 stage 0: NT events set:
2012-02-17 20:26:50.852983 : nsevfnt:cxd: 0x967738 stage 0: NS events set:
2012-02-17 20:26:50.853001 : ntpctl:entry
2012-02-17 20:26:50.853020 : sntpcall:result string is NTP0 17041
2012-02-17 20:26:50.853038 : sntpcall:exit
2012-02-17 20:26:50.853053 : ntpctl:exit
2012-02-17 20:26:50.853081 : nttaddr2bnd:entry
2012-02-17 20:26:50.853096 : snlinGetNameInfo:entry
2012-02-17 20:26:50.853109 : snlinGetNameInfo:exit
2012-02-17 20:26:50.853125 : nttaddr2bnd:Resolved to

James Smyth

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Server is exactly what OS and version? Ditto your client. –  jim mcnamara Feb 18 '12 at 12:34
I've updated that info. Also, note that the listener trace appears virtual identical to production version that is not having this problem, w/ the only obvious difference being the delay noted above. –  James Smyth Feb 20 '12 at 17:40
And I can avoid the delay by going to shared server mode. –  James Smyth Feb 20 '12 at 19:07

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