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If I am logged into facebook.com, I expect a call to FB.getLoginStatus will return a status='not_authorized'. Instead it returns status='unknown', even if I pass true for the 'force' parameter.

If I call FB.login, and then call FB.getLoginStatus, I get status='connected'. Makes sense.

If I call FB.login, reload the page, and then call FB.getLoginStatus, I get status='unknown'. Does not make sense. If I add 'true' as the second parameter (i.e. force), I still get status='unknown'. (I expect status='not_authorized' in this case.)

There doesn't seem to be a way to get status='not_authorized' in practice.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug in FB.getLoginStatus or its documentation?

Here is a minimal test page: http://pastebin.com/NqiBXni2


I am writing a website widget that displays posts for a public Facebook page. (This can be accessed without prompting the user via an app access token.) Each post has a "Like" / "Unlike" link. In order to determine whether to display "Like" or "Unlike", I need to know what the browsing user's Facebook ID is so that I can check whether it is in the post's list of likes.

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Maybe you have third party cookies disabled.

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And to elaborate slightly on David's answer, Facebook describes this as a "by design" result when 3rd party cookies are disabled.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure of the most graceful way of handling this -- at least in my site, I need an oath token to load some data.

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