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I have a sprite which is created at the start of the program and is added to the spritebatchnode by the following code:

[spritebatchnode addchild:mysprite]

Now, i want to create a dummy ccnode (invisible node) in some point in time and add this dummy node to the sprite:

[mysprite addchild:dummynode]

With this, now i want to create another sprite (a visible one) and add it to the dummy by:

[dummynode addchild:sprite2]

However i get sigabirt error and it doesn't tell where it is. Why is this getting error? Can't i add a node to a sprite which is added previosly in a batchnode? Do i have to add mysprite to the batchnode after adding and creating all the other stuff?

note: every var is initialized in this example

More code, this is the code which is getting the error:

CCNode *dummy = [CCNode node];
[dummy setPosition:CGPointZero];
[mySprite addChild:dummy];
[spriteBathNode addChild:mySprite];
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Do you get the problem when dummynode is visible? –  sch Feb 18 '12 at 2:11
I haven't tried, but what i do is dummynode = [CCNode node]; I can't seem to add a node to a sprite. –  marcg11 Feb 18 '12 at 10:40

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Wow, apparently, I had to remove the following method for it to work:

[mysprite useBatchnode:spritebatchnode];


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