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I'm curious as to whether there will be any way to use the C# async/await CPS transformation feature with Compact Framework code. I expect a certain amount of library code will need to be supplied/reimplemented in order to make that happen; if so, where should I look for information on what types/members would need to be provided?

(I'm not looking for a complete task-asynchrony support library here, just enough of a skeleton to be able to use the language feature.)

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You can try Jon Skeet's eduasync series for the library side, but I'm not sure whether the Async CTP compiler update will work for CF development. Last I checked, CF wasn't supported on VS2010, but Async CTP requires VS2010 SP1.

P.S. CF is on the way out, I'm afraid. It's all semi-Silverlight for "device" programming in the future.

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Correct: CF still is not supported on VS2010. –  jp2code Feb 18 '12 at 21:56
The grim reality is that I'm rev-locked -- it's a non-negotiable requirement to support existing customer devices with CE 5.0 Webpad/ARMv4i/128MB RAM/2GB SD. –  Jeffrey Hantin Feb 21 '12 at 22:51

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