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im making a Server-Client application..

  • chat
  • sends commands
  • file-transfer

    i was wondering if it is possible to use only one port for all of them rather than (bind,listen,accept) for each port of them .. because in my application .. i want to connect once only .. and it seems ridiculous to connect 3 times .. how do i have a more than on separate NetworkStream if i want to connect (chat,commands,file-transfer) on the same port .. and if it's not possible.. what's the best structure to do that
    im using tcp protocol for all of them.. hope i cleared my question .. thanks in advance :)

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    You can pass anything you want on that port. You can encapsulate your messages with a common header which would tell you whether the data to follow is a message, a command, or a file transfer. Breaking the messages into separate streams will just make it easier to decode what messages are what. –  Mark Smith Feb 18 '12 at 2:02

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    It's possible, you don't need to have seperate NetworkDtream but you need to distinguish different resource type, which means, you just send that 3 types of resources in ONE NetworkStream and you can define some flags to distinguish them and them make different proceed.

    Even though, I think you should have a extra port to transfer files , commands and chats were short while files data was quite big

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    yea .. and that what im doing .. but i still need to Connect two times.. one for the file transfer and one for chat/command .. when i connect to the port(chat/command) .. i send command to fire another connect for file transfer and it worked .. i just wondering if there's a simple way rather than doing this .. –  Murhaf Sousli Feb 18 '12 at 2:34

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