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I have Resque set to use database 6 like this:

Resque.redis = "localhost:6779:6"

I then started my resque as follows:

$ RAILS_ENV=test PIDFILE=./resque.pid QUEUE=* rake resque:work

When I check workers, there are none:

pry(main)> Resque.redis = "localhost:6779:6"
=> "localhost:6779:6"
pry(main)> Resque.workers
=> []

But when I check on database 0, I can see it is there:

pry(main)> Resque.redis = "localhost:6779:0"
=> "localhost:6379:0"
pry(main)> Resque.workers
=> [#<Worker ub40:6352:*>]

How do I make my worker use a different database?

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I was able to get it working. It turns out there was resque-scheduler rake task that was overriding Resque's redis setter.

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And how did you change the resque-scheduler rake task in order to prevent this override? –  Renan Sep 24 '13 at 17:15

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