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I have a domain type of varchar(35) and would like to increase the length to 40.

I can create a new domain and just do ALTER TABLE table ALTER COLUMN column TYPE new_domain;

However, I would have to do this for all tables that use the domain. Is there anyway to use the ALTER DOMAIN syntax to increase the length/change data type?

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The superior design would be to have columns of data type text allowing unlimited length of text. If you actually need to enforce a maximum length, add a CHECK constraint like this:

ALTER TABLE tbl ADD CONSTRAINT tbl_col_len CHECK (length(col) < 41);

You can freely change a check constraint without having to mess with the column or its data type.

The same is true for domains. If you enforce a length restriction on a domain with a check constraint, you can freely change it (of course all columns using the domain must match the new criteria. For all I know you can not as easily change the underlying data type.

With an existing setup like yours, you could also dump the database, hack the dump with a global search & replace to exchange all occurrences the domain (as long as all fields using the domain fulfill the criteria) and reload the dump.

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