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I just wonder how I can efficiently pass a reference to const pointer to an object of a class. For example,

class BigData
   int m[1000];

void Func(const BigData* const& bigData)
// just read bigData; No modification on bigData.

int main()
  BigData* bigData = new BigData();

Above example, I do not quite understand why I have to put const before reference(&). If I try to build it without the reference, the compiler complains about cannot convert parameter 1 from 'BigData *' to 'const BigData *&'

Seems like it is related to R-value rule but I don't know what rule exactly governs this case.



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Don't. Just pass the pointer by value. Syntactically it is easier for the called function to use, and will have less overhead.

void Func(const BigData *bigData)
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