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In the same vein as Viewing Content Of Blob In phpMyAdmin, i have a blob.

And just like in the screenshot of the given url, it says "blob". Thanks, phpmyadmin! You're the best!

Unlike the chap who asked the question above, though, I really want to edit the blob values, and then save them. So, if my blob has, as its text "ima blob yo" - and I can see that text, thanks to the solution given above - how do i edit that to "i am a blob, you".

I don't particularly want to upload a text file each time i edit a blob, that's totes bogue. Just want to edit it, as i would a text field.


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Ah. the phpmyadmin site, there this page: http://www.phpmyadmin.net/documentation/#faq1_31

$cfg['ProtectBinary'] boolean or string
Defines whether BLOB or BINARY columns are protected from editing when browsing a table's content. Valid values are:

    * FALSE to allow editing of all columns;
    * 'blob' to allow editing of all columns except BLOBS;
    * 'all' to disallow editing of all BINARY or BLOB columns.

Ok, so that details how to allow me to edit my blobs.

I made the change

$cfg['ProtectBinary'] = FALSE;
$cfg['ShowBlob'] = TRUE;

and put these two as the last lines in my config.inc.php file, which, because i'm using UBUNTU and used the auto install sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin, was at /etc/phpmyadmin/

And everything worked, kinda. I can now edit my blobs... with the limitation that phpmyadmin shows the current contents of the blob in "blob-view", which is a whole bunch of numbers or some nonsense.

Simple solution i found was to:

  1. write over the text. Simple editing isn't really an option, but luckily i didn't need to edit, just add in new data.
  2. change the "function" option from ... i cannot remember what it was, but it was something crazy... to just "blank". That's the same kind of blank as the function option defaults for other values - ints etc

cheers, andrew

PS that

$cfg['ShowBlob'] = TRUE;

was from the given url in the question i linked to. The poster states it isn't effective in phpmyadmin, but i only downloaded using a latest sudo-get a few months back, so it still works. Actually, i needed to put that value in to get editing to work.

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not working for me @bharal –  Patrick Mutwiri Jun 25 at 11:11

If your BLOB field is really only text, then you might consider converting your BLOB field to a TEXT field (there should be no loss of data in the process). TEXT fields are viewable/editable directly from phpMyAdmin.

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