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I am using phonegap to develop one of my iPhone app. In the index.html page I am implementing a small javascript code just to check if the Internet is available or not inside the onBodyLoad() function as below:

function onBodyLoad() {                                       
    if (!navigator.onLine) {   


This just work fine but I want to exit from the application when user taps the "Ok" button of that alert message.

I tried the add navigator.device.exitApp() after the alert but did not work.

How can I exit from the application after tapping the "OK" button from the alert message?


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navigator.device.exitApp() is not supported on iOS as Apple is pretty down on apps closing themselves.

It is possible I believe by setting the UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend boolean to YES in your applications info plist (in a PhoneGap application this is in Supporting Files -> -info.plist).


Specifically: "Opting out of Background Execution"

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thank you for your response. – jeewan Feb 19 '12 at 7:44

Your app will (probably) be rejected by Apple if you try to exit it from within.

See that thread

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thank you for your response. – jeewan Feb 19 '12 at 7:44

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