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My team is using greenhopper, but I have tasks in different projects because I'm on several teams. Is there any way that I can see my all of my tasks in one place in greenhopper? In Jira I set up an issue filter that showed everything assigned to me.

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Support [for] multiple projects within GreenHopper has been the highest voted feature request in GreenHopper's history and is meanwhile available as of version 5.8, see Support for multiple JIRA projects on the Rapid Board:

Teams can now view and transition issues from multiple JIRA projects on the one board, the Rapid Board. On the Rapid Board we have removed the old concepts of Project and Context and introduced a Rapid View. The Rapid View is based upon JQL allowing teams to select only those issues that matter to them.

With the Rapid Board, the GreenHopper team has crafted a very powerful new architecture based on the JIRA Query Language (JQL), which basically aims to make the board fully customizable by building rows, columns and quick filters on top of a respective JQL query.

This is part of a long term product evolution, see The Future of GreenHopper for details:

In GreenHopper 6.0 we plan to push the existing boards (Planning, Task, Chart and Released Boards) to a Classic Mode and drop the "Rapid" title. The existing functionality on the Planning, Task, Chart and Released Boards will continue to be available for a number of releases until it becomes clear that the majority of customers have switched over.

Please note that the respective functionality of the Rapid Board is evolving quickly accordingly, and features are usually introduced via GreenHopper Labs first; in addition you'll need a relatively current JIRA installation, e.g. at the moment JIRA 4.4.3 is Required.

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