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When I log into a page in my browser, I get 3 cookies: tips, ipb_member_id and ip_pass_hash. I need those last two to access some pages I can only see when logged in. When I log in via the browser it works fine, but under mechanize I only get the tips cookie.

Are there any flags I have to set up for this to work, or is there any module I might need? I can't link to the page here. Though I do know Python's Mechanize + cookielib stores the cookies correctly, since I already have a working version for it.

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which version of mechanize? Try 1.0.0. – pguardiario Feb 18 '12 at 6:37

I am working on the same issue (I want to get all cookies loaded on a page). I think it's impossible with mechanize. One reason is that it doesn't support javascript, so anything a little bit complex (such as a img loaded on a js event, which set a new cookie) will not work. I am considering other options as webkit :

if you find a good way to gather all the cookies, let me know :)

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