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My html folder contains many html files automatically generated, linked and named by a program. Example: AbcXyzPage1.html, AbcXyzPage2.html, ..., AbcXyzPage100.html, etc.

What is the simplest way to make a particular html file (AbcXyzPage1.html), the equivalent of default.html? So that a user just need to type http://mysite.com/myfolder/ and has that particular page loaded. Renaming that starting page is NOT an option because all other pages in the folder link to it.

I don't want to use the meta refresh tag.

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What web server will you be using? –  jackrabbit Feb 18 '12 at 7:10

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Add a file named .htaccess to myfolder/ with the following content:

DirectoryIndex AbcXyzPage1.html
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If server is Linux, you can link (actually soft link is OK, too). ln AbcXyzPage1.html index.html Now you have created index.html - the standard default. Any changes to AbcXyzPage1 will always be "seen" in index.html (since they are the same file).

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