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I have need for making two Apache Axis 1.4 clients in same application server war. Endpoints are different servers, but wsld-definitions are almost the same. This means that when they're updated they're not done at the same time. So the other must be in older version for a while.

How can I achive that? Using OSGi?

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If this is the sole purpose of using OSGi within your application, then I feel it as an over-kill. It's true, that OSGi modularity layer allows you to control your classpath. But the effort is not worthwhile if you are not using it across the application.

How about loading the two jar file versions using a custom URLClassLoader within your application. You can put the jar files in separate directories and load the clients using the custom classloader.

Just a thought. I don't know the exact context.

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Good idea. We're using maven so placing jar files to separate directories is not an option. I have to investigate some more. –  MyDefaultUsername Feb 21 '12 at 19:26

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