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I'm using a great jQuery content plugin called AnythingSlider. The problem is that it shows only 8 slides when there are 16 of those in the result of the query. You can see that on the web-site itself http://tehnoluki.ru/. The list of the products below (with smaller images) is being populated with the same query. That list shows 16 products which is correct while AnythingSlider contains only 8 slides. This is pretty weird as I've used this a lot of times and shown a lot more slides in the same slider. However I'm unable to do this now.

Any hints on why this happens and how to fix it?


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Well i have tried AnythingSlider but finally i switched on Suro Slider [webbies.dk/SudoSlider/] it has many features more than AnythingSlider, here webbies.dk/SudoSlider/demos.html] are some demos. . . –  Asif Feb 18 '12 at 10:36

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Found the issue from the given URL.

Each list item contains two divisions and these divisions are not properly formatted.

I self-tested this by removing all second divisions from the given list items and it worked fine with 16 slides.

I found there are some un-matched

and tags in each list item.

Please update your code to properly match these.

Please let me know if you still have any issues.


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Working file can be checked at : db.tt/WErAewSO –  Vanga Sasidhar Feb 18 '12 at 11:22

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