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Consider I have a Task class like this :

class Task {
     String title
     Date   assignedOn
     User user

Now the user can have many tasks. Now consider there are 8 tasks already assigned to userX. Now the manager(a special kind of user) is creating a 2 tasks to that userX, now I have totally 10 tasks of the userX. It is easy to display all the 10 tasks to that user.

But what I want is, I need a way to display only those 2 tasks to that userX assuming that the userX have already viewed those 8 tasks.

A real world example would be Stackoverflow site itself. If the person is answering my question I get a notification stating 1 new answer on the q..... and I will view it. After some time, if any one answers my same question, I get a notification stating 1 new answer not 2 new answer as I have already viewed the first answer.

What are the ways I can use to do this? Any plugins available for this in grails?

Thanks in advance.

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In principle, i would add a boolean flag on the Task class to indicate if it has been viewed or not by the user like so:

class Task {
  String title
  Date dateAssigned
  boolean viewStatus  // true indicates a read task

  static belongsTo = [assignedTo: User, assignedBy: User]

When creating a task the viewStatus flag would be set to false. Whenever the user views a particular task the viewStatus flag would be set by your program to true. It is therefore possible to query for just the un-read tasks to display to your user (using GORM) like so:

def currentUser = // your currently logged in user
Task.findTaskByViewStatusAndAssignedTo(false, currentUser)

The query will return only any user tasks that have not been read by the user, assuming that the readStatus is properly set whenever a user reads a task.

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This has nothing to do with a plugin, but your design of the Task class. Without knowing more about your requirements, you could do something like this:

class Task {
    String title
    Date assignedOn
    User user
    Boolean isAssignedByManager

I added User user because you need to be able to tell who the task was assigned to (don't know how your are doing this at the moment). Then just set isAssignedByManager to true when the manager is assigning the task so you can search by it later:

Task.findByUserAndIsAssignedByManager(userInstance, true)
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sorry, I didn't show up the whole class file. I missed out that User user line. – Ant's Feb 18 '12 at 10:09
Well, the tasks can be only assigned by the manager. So there is no point in using that Boolean isAssignedByManager line. – Ant's Feb 18 '12 at 10:11
how do you know that the user has seen the 8 tasks? maybe you need a Boolean isSeen and set it to true when the user sees it. then you can identify the 2 new tasks by searching Task.findByIsSeen(false) – zoran119 Feb 18 '12 at 10:15
Oh i guess that would work. – Ant's Feb 18 '12 at 10:19
It will be better if you edit your answer .. – Ant's Feb 18 '12 at 10:25

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