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I'm totally new to flash, and I'm trying to build a very simple app.

  1. I have one as file in which I defined my class which inherent from Sprite, with the name mySprite.

  2. I have a fla which is of the mySprite class, and a size of 400x400(I must assign a size when define the fla).

my question is, when this flash is launched, I want to read some data from outside (width&height) and change the flash windows size to these specified size.

I tried many ways, but can't succeed. Every time the flash is launched, window size is 400x400.

is there any possible way to get that done?

Great thanks!

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You can not do that with flash window, but here two other ways:

a. If you launch your flash app in web-page, then you can use ExternalInterface class to call JavaScript methods and resize flash app size. More info here:


b. If you know your app sizes at compilation time, you can add these strings at top of your Main class .as file:

    [SWF(width=800, height=600)]
    public class Main extends Sprite
        public function Main()
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Hi Manque, can you give some sample code for me? –  rhbc73 Feb 19 '12 at 21:41

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