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In a PHP project I need to Create a PDF file and redirect to another page when user clicks a Submit button. I have managed to create the pdf file using DOMPDF. PDF creation is done in a seperate file ('PDFRecipt.php'). I have called that page when a user clicks a button on the main page. This is how call PDF page


but the problem is when I try to redirect after calling PDF page by


It does not create the PDF (only redirects). I tried changing header('location:PDFRecipt.php'); to include_once('PDFRecipt.php');

then it does not create the PDF correctly (Corrupted PDF File)

How to create the PDF file & redirect to other page?


Code in PDFRecipt.php

$html='SOME HTML';
$dompdf = new DOMPDF();
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Answer to question

For this to work you would need to move the second header call into the PDFRecipt file. At the moment with both of them in the one file your second call to header is overriding the first.

Remember that headers are sent when the output is sent to the users browser, which is why you often see people calling exit() right after a header('Location: http://example.org');.

So any subsequent calls to set the same header, in this case Location, will override the first until the headers are sent.

It is also worth pointing out that you should be using full web URLs in Location:

HTTP/1.1 requires an absolute URI as argument to » Location: including the scheme, hostname and absolute path, but some clients accept relative URIs. You can usually use $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] and dirname() to make an absolute URI from a relative one yourself

according to the header page in the manual: http://php.net/manual/en/function.header.php

Update from comments

So you are using the stream() method to send the client the PDF - you cannot combine this with a Location: header. This is because DOMPDF has already flushed content to screen. I had assumed that your PDFRecipt.php file was storing the PDF to disk somewhere.

See DOMPDF source code for more details: http://code.google.com/p/dompdf/source/browse/trunk/dompdf/lib/class.pdf.php#3061

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I tried this but it didn't work. It creates the PDF file but does not redirect. :( –  Nalaka526 Feb 18 '12 at 10:15
What does your PDFRecipt.php file contain? Please update your question with the source code. I have never had an issue implementing the above - perhaps there is an error or a conflict in the code causing it not to redirect. –  Treffynnon Feb 18 '12 at 10:18
Thanks for the advice... Question updated. –  Nalaka526 Feb 18 '12 at 10:23

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