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I'm writing a gedit 3 plugin, something similar to phsilva's PyLint plugin, which calls out to an external lint program and highlights lines of code in the current document. My question is, if my plugin has a run_lint action is it possible to bind that to the OnSave event in gedit? The list of available signals in the documentation I've linked above still has a FIXME notice against it and I'm struggling to figure out where in the soup of API documentation the full list can be found.

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Well, no-one answered this, but I figured it out eventually. There are two steps to this, when a new tab is created in the window that tab contains a document. The document has loaded and saved signals that can be connected to actions. It's important to remember that each tab has a separate document, each of which needs its own set of signals and handlers.

Here's an outline solution, in case it's useful to others:

class FooPlugin(GObject.Object, Gedit.WindowActivatable):

    __gtype_name__ = 'Foo'

    def do_activate(self):
        self.window.connect('tab-added', self.on_tab_added)

    def on_tab_added(self, window, tab, data=None):
        doc = tab.get_document()
        doc.connect('saved', self.on_document_saved)
        doc.connect('loaded', self.on_document_loaded)

    def on_document_loaded(self, document, data=None):
        # do something here...

    def on_document_saved(self, document, data=None):
        # do something here...
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Thanks! Just what I needed! –  rpax Jun 12 at 15:32
Also, you can take a look to github.com/janpecha/gedit-on-save –  rpax Jun 12 at 15:33

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