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If I want to print out values in a PriorityQueue, how can I do it? I extended PriortiyQueue, and got access to the underlying list queue. However when I do a for loop, I get the order in which items are added

# the ADT PriorityQueue
class ReadyQueue(PriorityQueue):

    def listAll(self):
        print("PID \t Name \t Status \t Priority")
        print("=" * 42)
        for _, _, pcb in self.queue:

# ADT 
class PCB:
    def __lt__(self, other):
        selfPriority = (self.priority, self.creationTime)
        otherPriority = (other.priority, other.creationTime)
        return selfPriority < otherPriority

# in the main function
q = ReadyQueue()
q.enqueue(PCB("p1", 0, None, q))
q.enqueue(PCB("p8", 6, None, q))
q.enqueue(PCB("p2", 1, None, q))
q.enqueue(PCB("p0", 1, None, q))
q.enqueue(PCB("p6", 1, None, q))
q.enqueue(PCB("p4", 1, None, q))
q.enqueue(PCB("p3", 2, None, q))


The output:

 PID     Name    Status      Priority
 0   p1      ready_s     0
 3   p0      ready_s     1
 2   p2      ready_s     1
 1   p8      ready_s     6
 4   p6      ready_s     1
 5   p4      ready_s     1
 6   p3      ready_s     2

Notice priority is not right. Though they dont appear in creation order either ... did I miss something?

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PriorityQueue use heapq to push and pop elements,

so, the queue is a heap, not a sorted list.

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