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I have message threads and on a users inbox page I show the username and part of the message of the other participant of the conversation.

In my methodthread model I have:

default_scope :order => 'message_threads.updated_at DESC'

I realised this isn't what I need. I need the to grab the created_at time from my messages table. So that every time a new message is added to a message_thread it brings that message thread to the top of the list.

Just so you have a better understanding I have these tables:

messages (I use acts as tree plugin to created children and a parent for each conversation. E.G. Parent_id is the primary id of the message and that primary id becomes the children's parent_id's.)

message_threads (I use this table to reference conversations so here I look for sender_id and recipient_id with a message_id that has a null parent_id. This confirms that message is a parent and has children.)

Anyway what would be the best way to do what I'm trying to do which is control the order the results of method_threads table are returned buy using the created_at times of the messages table?

Kind regards

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You can clear order that you get from default_scope and order you query by joined table, something like this:

MessageThreads.except(:order).joins(:message).order("messages.created_at DESC").

Also, you can use method unscoped to clear default_scope if you wish.

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I'm thinking another way to do this would be to update have the message thread updated at column updated every time a new message is sent or received in my messages table. This way I can use my current code to display threads. What do you think? – LondonGuy Feb 18 '12 at 17:46

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