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There are numerous examples of how to set the user logon credentials for a Windows Service however I can't discover how you first ascertain what the current credentials are set for that Windows Service.

What I want to do is:

If(WinService.logonCredentials == LocalUser)
   WinService.logonCredentials = new logonCredentials;

Is there a class that I can access that will give me the required data and/or possibly other settings for the Windows Service as well?

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Im not sure, but if you cant do it with classes built in .net probably only way is using WMI.

This is Win32Service class:

    class Win32_Service : Win32_BaseService
      boolean  AcceptPause;
      boolean  AcceptStop;
      string   Caption;
      uint32   CheckPoint;
      string   CreationClassName;
      string   Description;
      boolean  DesktopInteract;
      string   DisplayName;
      string   ErrorControl;
      uint32   ExitCode;
      datetime InstallDate;
      string   Name;
      string   PathName;
      uint32   ProcessId;
      uint32   ServiceSpecificExitCode;
      string   ServiceType;
      boolean  Started;
      string   StartMode;
      string   StartName;
      string   State;
      string   Status;
      string   SystemCreationClassName;
      string   SystemName;
      uint32   TagId;
      uint32   WaitHint;

And this is what you are asking:

        string   StartName;

I used PowerShell to get data about "Remote desktop" service on my laptop and i got a more data like this (some of that data are properties from Win32_BaseService, not Win32Service):

    DesktopInteract         : False
    DisconnectedSessions    : 1
    DisplayName             : Remote desktop services
    ErrorControl            : Normal
    ExitCode                : 1077
    InstallDate             :
    Name                    : TermService
    PathName                : C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k NetworkService
    ProcessId               : 0
    ServiceSpecificExitCode : 0
    ServiceType             : Share Process
    Started                 : False
    StartMode               : Manual
    StartName               : NT Authority\NetworkService
    State                   : Stopped
    Status                  : OK
    SystemCreationClassName : Win32_ComputerSystem
    SystemName              : NOTEBOOK
    TagId                   : 0
    TotalSessions           : 2
    WaitHint                : 0

I cant help with WMI in C#. Maybe you will find StartName property somewhere in class which you are using (i dont know what class it is because u didnt wrote).

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That was enough to point me in the right direction and particularly to link –  David Feb 18 '12 at 18:43
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