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I'm making an upload script with uploadif jquery plugin. I want to send HTML select list value with uploadify to mysql. Code like not doesen't work. It writes everything to MySQL DB except that HTML select list value.

 var kategorija = $("#kategorija").val();

    'uploader'  : '/uploadify/uploadify.swf',
    'script'    : '/uploadify/uploadify.php',
    'cancelImg' : '/uploadify/cancel.png',
    'multi'     : true,
    'auto'      : false,
    'folder'    : '/uploads',
    'sizeLimit' : '5242880',
    'queueSizeLimit' : 10,

    'onQueueFull' : function(event, queueSizeLimit)
        alert("Najvecje stevilo datotek, ki jih lahko naenkrat nalozite je " + queueSizeLimit);
        return false;
    'onComplete' : function(event, ID, fileObj, response, data)
        $.post("insert.php", {name:, lol: krnekiup, path: fileObj.filePath, kategorija: kategorija}, function(info)
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Try retrieving the value inside your onComplete callback instead:

'onComplete': function(event, ID, fileObj, response, data)
    var kategorija = $("#kategorija").val();

    $.post( ...

If that doesn't work, put a breakpoint on the $.post in Firebug (or whatever your preferred debugger is) and check the value of kategorija.

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Thank you very much! It work's now! – Jan Keber Feb 18 '12 at 12:22

just add this code:

'onUploadStart': function(event, data) { 
            selected_index = document.getElementById("des").selectedIndex;
            var albumID = document.getElementById("des").options[selected_index].value;
            jQuery("#upload_btn").uploadify('settings','formData', {'des' : albumID});

description : "des" is the id of you select tag. and des near the formData code is like a name. ($_POST['des'])

we had the same problem and i hardwork to solve this. LOL

note: i got reference from here

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