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I have the following script to dynamically include pages into the index.php:

   $_GET["page"] = (isset($_GET["page"])) ? $_GET["page"] : "home.php";

         $page = $_GET['page'];
     $pages = array('home', 'solutions', 'projects', 'about', 'contact');
if (!empty($page)) {
    if(in_array($page,$pages)) {
        $page .= '.php';
    else {
    echo 'Page not found. Return to
    <a href="index.php">index</a>';
    else {

When I type in "localhost/mysitename/index.php" in the adress bar of the browser I get the index.php loading up good but in the content area where the dynamic includes should happen it says: "Page not found. Return to index".So how can I set a default page to be included when the index.php is being loaded? I 'm pretty new to PHP.

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You have an extra .php here

$_GET["page"] = (isset($_GET["page"])) ? $_GET["page"] : "home.php";

Should be

$_GET["page"] = (isset($_GET["page"])) ? $_GET["page"] : "home”;
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Thanks, Jakub, it worked like a charm! –  mookar Feb 18 '12 at 12:34
@mookar, if that solved it, please green checkmark as accepted answer. You can also up vote good answers, welcome to SO! –  Jakub Feb 18 '12 at 13:04

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