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It crys that line:
List_Node * node = (List_Node*) malloc(sizeof(List_Node));

fails on :

1>list.c(31): error C2275: 'List_Node' : illegal use of this type as an expression
1>list.c(8) : see declaration of 'List_Node'


#ifndef _LIST_H
#define _LIST_H

typedef struct List_Node;

typedef struct List_Struct
    unsigned int count;
    struct List_Node * root;
    struct List_Node * last;
    int SizeOfData;



typedef struct List_Node
void * data;
struct List_Node * next;

Status List__Add (List_Struct * This,void * const item)

    struct List_Node * node = (List_Node*) malloc(sizeof(List_Node));

    node->data = malloc(This->SizeOfData);

    node->next = NULL;

    if(NULL == This->root) /*if first item to be added*/
        This->root= node;
        This->last =This->root;
        This->last->next = node;

    return STATUS_OK;
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In the header file, skip the typedef for the List_Node structure. Also, when adding nodes when the list is empty, you don't set This->last. – Joachim Pileborg Feb 18 '12 at 12:36
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The VC compilers only support the C89 standard so variables must be declared at the beginning of a scope, before any other statements.

Change List_Add() to:

Status List__Add (List_Struct * This,void * const item)
    List_Node* node;

    /* Don't cast return type of malloc(): #include <stdlib.h> */
    node = malloc(sizeof(List_Node));

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silly me. 4 years as C# programer makes you forget about such stuff. – Nahum Litvin Feb 18 '12 at 12:39

You defined list node as

typedef struct List_Node

then you say struct *List_Node.

The struct is unneccessary.

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