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I have a hidden field

<input type="hidden" name="smname" />

Now i have a function in a js file count(); How can I assign the return value to the hidden field?

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You could give your hidden field an unique id:

<input type="hidden" name="smname" id="smname" />

and then in javascript:

document.getElementById('smname').value = count();

where count is the function you want to invoke and which returns the value:

var count = function() {
    return 'some value';    
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document.getElementsByName('smname')[0].value = count();
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You want to use code such as


then deal with it as an object. remember to define a name/id for your html element.

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If you give the input element an id attribute you will be able to get a reference to it in javascript using the document.getElementById() method then set the value property of the element


<input id="surname" type="hidden" name="smname" />


var input = document.getElementById("surname");
input.value = count();
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