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I really like gitbut unfortunately only can submit to a subversion repository.

Is it possible to work locally with gitwith all benefits and submit/checkout from a subversion repository?

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You can't have both full benefits of git and keep using SVN server at the same time. That's because some things don't translate nicely from git to SVN. –  svick Feb 18 '12 at 13:26

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This just appeared on Hackernews: Working with git on a Subversion project

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git integrates nicely with subversion.

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You might find this ProGit chapter particularly useful.

One of Git’s great features is a bidirectional bridge to Subversion called git svn. This tool allows you to use Git as a valid client to a Subversion server, so you can use all the local features of Git and then push to a Subversion server as if you were using Subversion locally.

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