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The new aggregation framework will come with the 2.2 version.

They made some presentations and demos on that : http://www.10gen.com/presentations/mongosv-2011/mongodbs-new-aggregation-framework

I does not found any development release on their site.

Does someone knows where I can test the new framework ?


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The MongoDB 2.2 production release was end of August, 2012 .. so the Aggregation Framework is now widely available, and being used in production. –  Stennie Nov 28 '12 at 23:42

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You can download and install the development version 2.1, it is inside (and currently under development).


But (at this stage) it is still a bit "young" (see for example a recent thread http://groups.google.com/group/mongodb-user/browse_thread/thread/3de5df85ce5b3713).

MongoDB uses the standard “odd numbers are development, even are stable” versioning scheme. So the 2.1.x series is still under development, and you should probably wait until the release of 2.2.x to use this feature in production unless you fully understand what you’re doing.

I am looking for it as well. :-)

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